At Elanco, we provide those who raise and care for animals with solutions that empower them to advance a vision of food and companionship enriching life.

We understand the powerful role healthy animals play in making lives better. As pets increasingly become important parts of our families, so too does the need to help them live longer, healthier, higher-quality lives. As the global population grows, so too will the need to meet the demand for safe, affordable food for all.

Since our start at Eli Lilly and Company in 1954, Elanco has been working to empower our customers—all those concerned with animal health—to address these global challenges, and advance a vision of food and companionship enriching life. We strive to develop and deliver products safe for consumers, animals and the environment through innovation and a shared vision to enrich the lives of people worldwide.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission: We provide those who raise and care for animals with a comprehensive set of animal health products and knowledge services that empower them to address the global challenges of a diverse and changing world.

Our Vision: Food and Companionship Enriching Life

Responsibility - Transparency Statement

The UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires large companies that conduct business in the UK to publicly report the activities they undertake to prevent human trafficking and slavery. Elanco maintains a practice of complying with local minimum age laws and requirements and has a well-established Supplier Code of Business Conduct.

  • We behave ethically in business relationships, dealings and activities.
  • We practice the highest standards of business conduct.
  • We comply with all laws, regulations, industry codes of practice, and Elanco policies, standards, and procedures that apply to our business activities.
  • We conduct our business activities with respect for people and a commitment to human rights, diversity, equal opportunity and freedom from exposure to improper conduct.

We create and maintain safe and healthful working conditions.

Elanco is committed to ensuring that its supply chains are free from slavery or human trafficking.

Click here to read Elanco’s anti-slavery and human trafficking statement in full: Modern Slavery Act Statement 2019.

February 2020


We are proud of our heritage of close customer relationships, scientific rigor and quality products, from the development of the first antibiotic for veterinary use in 1953 to today’s treatments that address the health needs of our pets. At the same time, we are humbled by the global challenges ahead and we will remain true to our heritage and our values to provide needed solutions in the field of animal health.

Elanco has helped shape the lives of animals and their human companions for more than half a century. To learn more, visit our Elanco Global website.

Elanco Timeline: 1953-2019

  1. Eli Lilly and Company introduces the first antibiotic exclusively for veterinary use.

  2. New plant and animal science activities are organized and combined into Lilly’s Agricultural and Industrial Sales Division.

  3. The Agricultural and Industrial Sales Division is reorganized, and Elanco Products Company is launched.

  4. Elanco introduces new tools to improve feed efficiency to prevent and control disease, while expanding international operations to include 38 global affiliates and 17 manufacturing plants.

  5. R&D begins to shift away from plant science and towards animal health, with a focus on increasing food quality while reducing production costs.

  6. Elanco Products Company is renamed Elanco Animal Health and focuses solely on producing animal health products.

  7. Elanco launches its companion animal business, bringing in first-class parasiticides technology, and acquires its longtime partner, Ivy Animal Health.

  8. Elanco establishes a partnership with Heifer International to help address the need for safe, affordable, abundant food in developing countries.

  9. Elanco Knowledge Solutions begins providing timely information to help customers make data-driven decisions through analytics and consultation.

  10. Elanco commits to end hunger for 100,000 families globally through a partnership with Heifer International, and expands its European presence through the acquisition of Janssen Animal Health.

  11. Elanco expands its focus on emerging tools like enzymes to unlock nutrients inaccessible in the diets of food animals through acquisition of ChemGen.

  12. Elanco expands its vaccine offerings.

  13. Elanco acquires both Lohmann Animal Health, increasing its poultry and vaccine capabilities, and Novartis Animal Health, increasing its companion animal, livestock, vaccine and aquaculture offerings.

  14. Elanco establishes its 8-point Antibiotic Stewardship Plan to increase responsible use of antibiotics, to reduce the need for shared-class antibiotics, and to replace antibiotics with alternatives.

  15. Elanco expands its U.S. companion animal portfolio by acquiring an innovative platform of vaccines from Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica.

  16. Elanco recognized for Best New Products in food and companion animal categories by industry publication Animal Pharm: Clynav, a vaccine for pancreas disease in Atlantic salmon, and Galliprant (grapiprant tablets) for pain control associated with canine osteoarthritis.

  17. Elanco and Heifer International celebrate 10 Years together breaking the Cycle of Hunger for 160,000 Families.
    Lilly announced plans to Separate Elanco Animal Health with Initial Public Offering.
    Elanco Lists on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ELAN).

  18. Elanco completes divestiture from Lilly.
    Elanco signs a development and commercialization agreement with VetDC for Tanova®-CA1, the first U.S. FDA conditionally approved canine lymphoma treatment.
    Elanco expands its U.S. companion animal portfolio by acquiring Aratana Therapeutics, a pet therapeutics company and developer of the first-of-its-kind canine NSAID for osteoarthritis, Galliprant®.
    Elanco acquires Prevtec Microbia, Inc., a biotechnology startup specializing in the development of vaccines that help prevent bacterial diseases in food animals.
    Elanco announces acquisition of Bayer’s animal health business.