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We are always seeking those who want to make a difference. There is purpose to our work at Elanco. Our goal is to enrich life everyday through food and companionship. Enrich your life by helping us achieve this goal at Elanco where opportunities for success are limitless.

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What We Do

We are constantly working to anticipate, serve and support the diverse and evolving needs of our customers.

Our approach to serving our customers is based on 3 key pillars:

Rigorous Science

We continue to build on our heritage of scientific excellence, rigorous testing and strict quality standards to develop new technologies for unmet and underserved areas of animal health.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our comprehensive approach, which unites high-quality products with robust data, analytics and consulting services, provides insights and solutions our customers need.

Customer Partnership

We know that real world problems require thoughtful solutions. That’s why our culture is based on a genuine commitment to serving as a trusted partner to our customers and helping them advance their business goals.


  • Where is Elanco located?

    Elanco's headquarters in the UK are in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Elanco maintains offices or facilities in more than 70 countries. Each office is unique in terms of size, scope and product offerings.

  • How do I apply for jobs at Elanco?

    Please contact the Elanco office in the specific country where you have interest in working. The appropriate contact person can provide information on jobs available and application procedures for each country. You can find Elanco office contact information here.

Why Elanco?

Employee Development

You want much more than a nice office or a clean desk to look forward to each workday. You want challenges and opportunities. You want a job that helps you improve lives and make the world a better place. You want a career.

We understand that–and we do everything we can to help our employees achieve their career goals. Every employee at Elanco partners with their supervisor to create a personal development plan for their growth and success. This customized plan plots out specific, quantifiable goals and objectives for you and your team. As you meet these goals, you’ll see yourself grow–and your career progress. We offer global training courses to help every employee identify their training needs and develop the proper solutions. And, we've established a comprehensive leadership development program for employees aspiring for leadership roles, a two-year journey that teaches you invaluable leadership, business and coaching skills.


Globalization continues to fundamentally change many industries, including animal health. This indisputable reality means it’s not only smart for Elanco to maintain a diverse workforce–it’s a necessity.

A diverse workforce and customer base provides different perspectives, skills and talents. This variety of perspectives contributes to innovative solutions that improve animal health, pet well-being and food safety. But these innovations thrive only in an environment built upon mutual understanding, value and respect. This is the environment Elanco expects of its employees, partners and customers–and one that applies regardless of a person’s age, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender or background. We’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

2018 Gender Pay Gap Report
The gender pay gap shows the difference between the average (mean or median) earnings of men and women across all roles and is expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings. From April 2018, all UK companies with 250 or more employees have been required to report their gender pay gap annually. It is important to remember that “gender pay” is not the same as “equal pay”, which is the right of men and women to be paid at a similar rate for work of equivalent value and has been law in the UK since 1970. Elanco employees in April 2018 were employed by Eli Lilly and Company, and the published report can be found here.